Modern UAV Drones are fast replacing more conventional methods of inspection and survey that are both time consuming and costly.

So what are the advantages of drones?

  • Faster Inspection Time
  • REAL Cost Savings
  • More detailed inspection and survey results
  • Safer
  • With thermal imaging, they can spot things the naked eye can’t
  • Inspections can be carried our with no or minimum production down time
  • Greater inspection coverage with video and photography
  • GPS Location tracking so future inspections can follow the exact same flight path
building inspection drone survey
Thermal Imaging can provide key insights into a building structural condition that traditional inspections would simply miss

Inspection services like roof surveys which once required scaffolding, cherry pickers and rope access with worker having to conduct surveys at height can now be done safely and far more quickly using UAV drones.  Equipped with the latest in image capturing camera and video recording equipment, not to mention thermal imaging camera, our UAV drones can provide a superior inspection and survey service over these traditional methods with the added benefit of REAL cost savings.

dron roof survey
This drone roof survey has spotted a water leak using thermal imaging. This was missed by the previous ‘traditional’ roofing inspection

Whether at land of sea, our drones can conduct aerial surveys and inspections in the exact same weather conditions that current at height inspection teams can work in.  In scenarios where many structures need to be inspected together, for example, a wind farm, our drones can conduct surveys on numerous wind turbines in a single day whereas traditional methods would only be able to carry out the inspection of one or two wind turbines in the same time.

It is not just about the reduced cost and increased speed of our aerial surveys that marks us out as a better alternative to scaffolding and rope access methods on survey.  Our drones can inspect from angles and heights that are simply not possible otherwise, meaning we can truly offer a unique selling point that has real value. And the positives do not stop there.  If you require regular surveys conducted on a plot or structure, our drones can follow a predetermined GPS map so that we can inspect from the same heights and angles as previously. This allows for invaluable reviewing of archived data so that any defects and issues identified with a structure can be monitored more closely and studied using previous data.  

advantages of drones
An aerial drone can inspect an entire building structure in minutes. A conventional building inspection would take days.

The advantages of using UAV drones for your commercial inspection and surveys purposes are numerous.  Whilst this service may seem like Sci Fi, it is here and now and it is revolutionising the industry.

Balmore Aerial Services are one of Scotland’s leading aerial drone firm.  We provide commercial grade aerial drones for inspection and survey services across the country and Northern England.  Our pilots are fully insured, qualified and certified to pilot in busy populated areas meaning that wherever your inspection needs may be, we can reach them.

If you would like to discuss using aerial drones to conduct inspection and survey services for your company, please contact us today on 0141 370 4037.