Drones may be seen as a new technology but they have been helping to change the construction industry for a number of years now.

And their popularity is only set to grow. Yet while there is huge growth in the use of drones in the construction industry, there are many in the sector who do not fully understand the benefits of using drones for construction projects. Which is why we want to look at some of the main benefits of using drone inspection service providers like ourselves for drone inspection work.

1 – Progress Reports

Using our award winning software, our drone inspections can track capital project worksite and their ongoing activities, producing readily shareable tracking reports of a project and its major milestones. Whether through 2D photography or 3D image capturing software, we can produce scheduled reports on capital projects development across site in Scotland and the North of England.

2 – 2D Mapping & 3D Modelling

Whether it is creating high resolution maps that can be georeferenced or generating digital 3d modelling so that a construction project can be viewed from any angle, our drone inspection services can provide both for construction projects big and small.

3 – Stockpile Measuring

Our stock volume measurement service can be completed a lot quicker than traditional methods, are more accurate and a lot safer. We can accurately measure the volume of aggregate stockpile on a construction site, mine or similar site.

As a part of our topographical survey, we can provide this service far quicker while producing more easily accessible archived data for more efficient reporting and inspection. All of which gives you more control over your stock and assets.

3d modelling in the construction industry

4 – Marketing Material

Once the new land development project has been completed, it is time to market the development. Till now all you may have had is architecture drawings, sketches and illustrations. But now with aerial drones we can take video and photography that can be used for all sorts of marketing material from brochures to online marketing on social media.

5 – Health & Safety

Land development projects can often take place on uneven terrain with limited vehicle access. Aerial drones can simply fly over this to conduct the same high quality aerial drone inspection time and time again. They can identify potential dangerous hazards from elevated points that would otherwise go unnoticed and we can overlay previous data to monitor developing issues.

6 – Costs

Time is money and the REAL cost savings of drone surveys makes them the ideal solution for tight construction project budgets. As a valued partner for many construction firms, architects and landscape developers, we are the ideal partner to work alongside you on land development surveys.

7 – Insurance Claims

Accidents can and do happen. Detailed 4K video and photography can be used in insurance claims to ensure that the construction company is not liable.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about Balmore Inspection Services and how our fleet of commercial grade aerial drones can help your business and its construction project, please contact our head office on 0141 370 4037. We can provide demonstrations of our work, the software we use and can provide relevant case studies upon request.