With a fleet of the most advanced commercial grade Aerial Drones, we provide our customers with the very best in award winning aerial drone inspection and survey services across Scotland & North England

We provide drone survey primarily in the oil & gas, wind, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

bridge inspection using a drone
One of our Drone Pilots beginning the first stage of a structural inspection of a bridge using our drone equipped with thermal imaging camera.

The advantages of using drone surveys

  • Faster inspection time
  • Greater area coverage
  • Safer operating parameters (with human life no longer needing to climb scaffolding)
  • More detailed surveys thanks to advanced thermal imaging, 4K HD video and image capturing.  

Whatever your requirements are, you will find a reliable, professional and class leading service from Balmore.  Since our foundation, we have grown to become one of Scotlands leading commercial drone service providers and a two time award winner for advanced technology in inspection and survey services.

From our head office just outside of Glasgow, we provide aerial inspections using the latest in commercial grade UAV drones. 

What are Aerial Drones?

UAV drones have fast become a recognised alternative to traditional methods used for surveys and inspections.  This new method of inspection can provide real cost savings over traditional methods whilst providing many additional benefits ranging from safety to quality and depth of coverage during an inspection.

The diverse range of services that UAV drones can be used for requires a fleet of specialised aerial drones designed to offer the best service in specific service fields.

Here is an example of how our drone survey services help you?

Balmore Aerial Building Inspection

So if you have confined indoor spaces that are either difficult to access or hazardous to human life – not a problem.  We operate an indoor aerial drone equipped with thermal imaging, night vision and detailed video and photography equipment. 

If you are wanting a survey of your commercial properties roofing, we have an aerial drone perfectly equipped to handle this specific kind of inspection.  

From indoors to outdoors, on land and at sea, we have the best specialised aerial drone to provide you with a class leading aerial survey and inspection service.

If you would like more details on our range of aerial inspection and survey services, either continue to explore our website or contact our team directly with your specific enquiry. 

All of our aerial drone enquiries are passed directly to our top tier drone team who will respond to you quickly with an accurate breakdown of what is required to get the job done for you.

You can contact us directly in our Glasgow Head Office by calling 0141 370 4037 or by emailing info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

building inspection using aerial drone
One of our drone pilots beginning an inspection of a building in Glasgow. The inspection would cover structural elements and roof survey. The process would involve taking hundred of images, video and thermal imaging footage that we can then incorporate into our award winning software and present to the customer.