Drones have helped to change the way that aerial drone mapping are conducted.

The ability for drones to remain steady in flight at predetermined elevation points allows us to capture photographic stills with greater accuracy. Something that is simply impossible to achieve with the same level of accuracy from a manned aircraft.

We are Balmore Inspection Services. An award winning drone survey provider based in Glasgow and covering Scotland and the North of England. Our fleet of commercial grade drones are the future of aerial mapping. Our drone services are affordable and fast acting. They only require one, on the ground, drone pilot and spotter (depending on the required inspection site) and we can reach difficult access locations in the far reaches of the country using our off-road support vehicle.

A 3D modelling process of building structures in Edinburgh taken by our aerial drone mapping software using photogrammetry process.

We can provide our aerial drone mapping services using the following:


Photogrammetry is a process where we take a collection of still images taken on a drone survey and stitch them together to create measurements. Photogrammetry can produce incredibly accurate and detailed 3D modelling that is processed by our award winning cloud based software. Photogrammetry is perfect for land surveys and mapping regions.


While photogrammetry requires the use of still imagery, LiDAR uses laser and light to provide measurements. On more ‘detailed’ environments ie. woodland, built up city areas and other areas with multiple obstructions and obstacles, LiDAR is the preferred choice for aerial drone mapping. The flexible configurations offered by LiDAR allow it to gather huge amounts of data and photographic imagery for mapping and aerial surveys.

Which is best – Photogrammetry or LiDAR?

It really depends on the service you require. While LiDAR produces the most accurate results for drone mapping, it can be limited in what high resolution imagery it can take. Which is why, more often than not, the two are conducted together to produce ‘the best of both worlds’ results.

The future of aerial mapping

Drone Surveys are changing the way that aerial mapping and 3D modelling is carried out. The GPS accurate positioning of a drone, combined with the fast and easy deployment of them means that they are becoming the go to solution in the field. With reduced costs, improved accuracy, higher safety and improved reliability, it is easy to understand why drone inspection services are such a fast paced and growing industry.

And right at the head of that is Balmore. As part of The Balmore Group, we have become one of the leading drone survey providers in Scotland. Our dedication to quality and a constant and ongoing investment in our team and our equipment has seen us continually strengthen our core services so that we can offer our customer a superior service over our competitors.

If you would like to know more about our drone services and aerial drone mapping, please contact our Glasgow Head Office by calling 0141 370 4037 or by emailing info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

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