The construction industry is benefiting from the rapidly growing aerial inspection services that UAV drones can offer.

Infrastructure development and construction sectors are benefiting from the early adoption of drones for aerial data, mapping information and imagery that can be used for land surveys, building inspections, on site monitoring, 3D mapping and security surveillance.

Construction Industry Aerial Surveys
The construction industry can benefit from aerial surveys and imagery from UAV drones.

Balmore Inspection Services have been leading the way in commercial drone services for the construction industry since we first founded. Our advanced UAV drones are equipped with advanced camera recording equipment and thermal imaging cameras that can then feed back to our powerful processing software that allows us to use this new data for significant benefits to your industry.

With Construction Industry Aerial Surveys, our drones can be used for the following:

Aerial Insights offered by UAV drones can improve progress tracking on construction projects. Statistics show that by spending less than an hour each week on aerial mapping of a construction site, contractors can gain an unprecedented amount of knowledge about all areas of the construction project.

With this advanced technology comes advanced data capturing techniques. We can calculate absolute positioning using GCPSs and GPS.

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