Aerial Inspection of Phone Lines

We take phone communication for granted these days but phone lines still need to be checked on a regular basis across Scotland.

As one of the leading UAV drone inspection companies in Scotland, Balmore are frequently working with our utilities clients to provide a quality phone line inspection service to ensure that phone lines across the country continue to work at their maximum.

Traditional inspection methods required a slow and laborious method of inspection where sometimes, inspecting a phone line was near impossible because of its positioning.

Our drone team conducting an aerial inspection

But with modern UAV aerial inspection, our Drones can fly over the obstacles and provide a quick inspection service that delivers superior results and REAL cost savings.

Find out more about our aerial inspection services for utilities by clicking here.

And if you have any questions about our aerial inspection services, please contact our head office in Glasgow. Our drone pilots can consult you on everything and anything you would like to know about phone lines and powerline inspection in Scotland.