Traditionally, to inspect a bridge, whether it be a historic sandstone structure, steel framed or brick required a complex set up and trained inspection team that were qualified to work ‘at height’.

Across the UK, old canal bridges, some sitting incredibly high up off the ground need inspected on a regular basis. To inspect the underside of these bridges required a complex and expensive scaffolding set up or a rope access team. The same is true for so many railway bridges across Scotland and England. However with these bridge types, there is the added complexity of heavy use from trains operating to a tight schedule.

bridge inspection services

Now however, with modern technology, Balmore Aerial Services can provide you with an award winning inspection service with real cost savings. With our fleet of aerial drones, we can provide a tailored inspection and survey service for bridges across Scotland and the North of England. With our drones, we can inspect a bridge in a fraction of the time it takes a conventional inspection team to perform the same work. We can inspect and report on locations on the bridge at angles that are simply impossible to replicate with conventional scaffolding and rope access. And with our commercial drone services, we can take 4K HD photography, video AND thermal imaging of any and all locations on a bridge that are of interest. This can be then be archived and processed to provide incredibly accurate and detailed inspection reports that numerous specialists can then examine.

And because our aerial drone inspection services for bridges can be done so quickly and comprehensively, we can provide a regular inspection schedule that monitors any specific locations from the exact same GPS based locations. Perfect for back to back comparison data.

Balmore Aerial Services has grown quickly since our inception. We are an award winning company that has built our business through offering a quality service that exceeds our clients expectations.

If you would like to know more about our bridge inspection services using aerial drones, please contact our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4037