With clear long term targets and milestones to be met, capital project monitoring is a vital cog in the grand project management wheel.

Aerial drone survey software systems provide complete monitoring services that can be distributed to stakeholders, investors and relevant members in the sector in order to track capital project targets during construction.

What is a capital project?

A capital project is a long term infrastructure project such as hydro electric drams, road networks, railway lines of large scale property developments. What makes a capital project different from a standard infrastructure development is the expanded timescale, high cost and signifiant planning requirements in order to achieve the end goal.

Glasgow hospital building inspection using drone
One of our drone pilots conducting a building inspection

They usually involve a mass number or investors, contractors and stakeholders who all want to ensure that the project runs on time, to budget and makes its completion date.

How can drone inspections help with this?

Using our award winning software, our inspection drones can track worksite activities producing readily shareable tracking reports of a project and its major milestones. Whether through 2D photography or 3d image capturing software, we can produce visual reports on capital projects development across site in Scotland and the North of England.

3D project monitoring
3D modelling can be used for capturing site development and can be used to monitor progress.

The advantages of drone inspection for Project Managers

Planning for the future

As the technology of drone surveys increase on a seemingly daily basis (such is the pace of development in the field), by the end of the decade, the use of aerial drones for site survey and visual inspection will become a great commercial benefit that is used widely in the field. Drone inspections are relatively cost effective and the data captured by drone surveys can make a crucial difference in managing project costs while controlling risks and even increasing site safety during large scale construction on capital project sites.

building inspection using drones
Aerial inspection can be used for a wide range of visual inspection needs for capital project monitoring and reporting.

A leader in our field

Balmore Inspection Services has become one of the leading drone inspection providers in Scotland. From our head office in Glasgow, we cover the entire country providing aerial inspection, underwater ROV surveys and ground based inspection for clients in the Energy, Infrastructure, Utilities and Transportation sectors.

Our work helps to save lives, spot potential issues early to minimise downtime and repair costs and offer a key inspection service for clients who require regular visual inspection for safety, insurance and production needs.

If you would like to find out more about our drone inspection services and how we can assist you with your Capital Project Monitoring then please call our head office today on 0141 370 4037 or email info@balmore-ltd.co.uk