Drone inspections in the Chemical Industry is becoming a key service that provides improved safety and additional financial benefits along with high quality reporting data.

We are Balmore Inspection Services, an award winning drone inspection company that provides planned and reactive aerial and underwater drones for a complete visual inspection and NDT service for customers across Scotland and the North of England.

With strict ongoing maintenance requirements, the need for regular inspection work is an essential requirement in the Chemical Industry. Scheduled inspections can spot and monitor developing issues, deteriorating equipment or damage to storage containers and silos early so that repairs can be planned before it develops into a serious issue.

Poorly maintained chemical storage facilities that leach dangerous chemicals into the ground can have serious health risks and the ongoing inspection and monitoring of chemical facilities and infrastructure should always be taken seriously.

chemical production facility visual inspection

The advantage of drone inspection

The biggest benefit of using drone surveys for visual inspection work is safety. In the chemical industry, the potentially harmful materials that laboratories, factories and manufacturing facilities use are always a health hazard. Using drone surveys reduces the exposure and risk to human life that traditional inspection methods had while providing a superior quality inspection service that has the added benefit of HD digital recordings, faster inspection times (which results in less operational downtime) and significant cost savings. Not to mention the financial benefits of using drones for your visual inspection work.

The cost savings of using drone inspections

There are three core benefits to drone surveys over traditional human inspection teams when it comes to financial savings.

1 – Access Equipment

A traditional inspection team may require ‘at height’ equipment such as rope access or scaffolding to simply access an inspection area. The cost to access a point of interest can already be more costly than an entire drone inspection flight.

2 – Time

Drone surveys can be conducted in a much shorter time frame and the benefits of this are not just seen in how long the actual inspection programme takes but in your companies operational downtime. We can conduct most of our drone inspection services during live operations. This can save your business considerable costs in reduced daily production downtime.

3 – Personnel

A traditional inspection team is just that – a team. Multiple personnel all having to work in a dangerous environment that adds insurance liability and safety risks. A drone survey flight can be flown by a single pilot in safety. This cuts down on inspection costs and will have a positive effect on your business insurance policies.

thermal imaging of a production facility

What services we can provide for Chemical Sector Inspection

In the air, under water and in confined spaces

At Balmore Inspection Services, we invest heavily in our drone equipment and operate a fleet of commercial drones tailored to a multitude of specific inspection requirements. From aerial drone inspections of above ground chemical storage tanks to confined spaces pipe inspection. We can even conduct underwater drone inspection work in water storage tanks while they are filled.

One Off & Scheduled Inspection Work

Not all drone survey work is through planned inspection. Drone surveys can be required as a one off as part of a reactive service. Whether this is a chemical plants roofing inspection after a storm or where a ground based visual inspection has spotted something that requires a close up detailed report. And then there is legally required and scheduled inspection work. Storage tanks that have to be inspected regularly for insurance purposes. Ventilation systems that have to be checked for Fire & Safety. The list goes on. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the right service to exceed your needs.

Find out more

To find out more about our range of drone inspection services and to arrange a demonstration of our drones in action, please call our head office in Glasgow by calling 0141 370 4037 or email info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

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