Across Scotland and the North of England, we provide award winning commercial drone inspection services for Industrial, Commercial, Council and Tourism industries.

As a multiple award winning drone survey service provider, we have grown to become one of the leaders in our field.

With the latest in commercial drone technology combined with the latest in survey capturing and analysis software, this alone has helped us to become one of the leading drone inspection companies in Scotland.

But on top of offering a class leading commercial drone service, we have the added advantage over our commercial rivals of being part of the larger Balmore Group. A collection of companies within the Balmore brand that provide everything from Inspection to Cleaning and Building Repairs. It is why our tagline literally is…


commercial drone services
An aerial inspection of a commercial business facility

The core benefit of using The Balmore Group is that we can provide a one stop shop for your entire service chain. We can use UAV drone surveys equipped with thermal imaging camera technology to spot potential issues and then our Rope Access Team at Balmore Specialist Contracts (who are difficult access specialists) can reach and repair the roofing and building structures issues.

This video will help better explain the entire chain of services that we can offer and show why we are such a powerful force for commercial drone services.

Balmore Aerial Building Inspection

While drone services may be a relatively new service, as part of The Balmore Group, you gain access to a company that have been serving Glasgow and Scotland for over 35 years. From building maintenance and roofing repairs to Biohazard Cleaning and High Risk Confined Access Cleaning, we can provide it all at a competitive rate and all inhouse to help streamline to entire process.

With all of the divisions within Balmore, we are always reinvesting in our team and our technology. From the latest in Dry Ice Blast Cleaning technology for the food industry to indoor drones equipped with protective safety cells – we are pushing the boundaries of service and results to a new level.

If you would like to find out more about Balmore Inspection Services and our commercial drone service, please contact our Glasgow Head Office. We can happily explain the full range of services that we can offer to benefit your business going forwards.

Please call 0141 370 4037 or email

commercial drone services glasgow
The Balmore Group Headquarters just outside of Glasgow