Conducting thermal imaging survey for housing developments

High Rise housing blocks across Glasgow and Scotland need constant maintenance. Whether in the plumbing, the electrics or with the building structure and roof. The inspection of a tall tower block can be an expensive prospect. The cost of scaffolding alone can make the eyes water. And that is why aerial drones are proving so popular. On top of being an amazing survey tool, they offer real cost savings over traditional methods of inspection and survey for the likes of housing developments.

This week, we have been performing thermal imaging EWI & render system UAV surveys. With this service, we can provide accurate thermal/visual reports on clients housing stocks throughout the UK. These reports can be used to identify any repair issues quickly and can be invaluable for future cost savings and insurance purposes.

For more information on aerial drones and their key benefits for structural inspections, please contact our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037