One of the big advantages of using a drone survey to conduct inspections of a confined space is that human life is not put at risk to conduct the inspection.

Where once, a trained inspection team that can access high risk confined spaces were sent into the unknown to conduct a survey, this can not be accomplished by indoor and confined spaces aerial drones.

At Balmore Inspection Services, we run a fleet of aerial drones that are tailored for unique survey tasks. From drones specifically kitted out for flying in populated areas (ideal of building inspection in City Centres) to ones that can conduct Oil Platform inspections in the North Sea. And when it comes to confined spaces inspection, we have a specific indoor drone equipped with protective roll cage. Using the latest in drone technology, our confined spaces drone surveys can be conducted in complete darkness as the drone is fitted with powerful LED lighting. It can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras and HD Video equipment. So whether you need a drone to inspect difficult to access building structures or internal piping that is too small for a human to fit – our confined spaces drones are perfect for the job.

Specialised equipment tailored for the environment

With a powerful transmitter, the drones can be remote piloted through thick concrete and with a protective roll cage, if it does come in contact with walls or other obstacles, it will simply bounce off of them.

Balmore Inspection Services are one of the top drone survey service providers in Scotland and the North of England. With clients in Oil & Gas, Wind, Infrastructure and Utilities Sectors, we are constantly reinvesting in our services and drone fleet to meet the demands of our customers both for now and for the future.

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Confined Spaces Inspection Services using drone surveys
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