When businesses talk about cost savings, it can sometime be miniscule savings swapping from one service provider to another.  But with aerial drones, the savings go way beyond that into the thousands of pounds.

Using a simple example of a high rise block of flats in a city or town residential area.  If the roof of the building structure needs to be inspected for possible damage, current methods include scaffolding, Cherry Pickers (limited by height) and Rope Access.  These methods involve workers ‘at height’ which is obviously putting them in danger. It also requires lots of equipment to simply gain access to the inspection zone. Scaffolding can take days to construct and can require permits and applications and is very expensive.  Cherry Picker hire obviously costs money and has limitations and Rope Access requires a team of professionally trained experts who are both qualified to inspect roof structures and conduct Rope Access work.

All of this adds money.  When you use an aerial drone piloted by Balmore Aerial Services, things are a lot simpler.  Our drone pilots are fully insured, qualified and certified to fly UAV drones in built up areas and to conduct an inspection of a building, they only need the weather to be of a similar quality that traditional methods would require.  Our drones can quickly reach the top of a building and carry out a predetermined check list of inspections from numerous angles and distances. Our drones are equipped with the latest in HD camera technology so we can capture pixel perfect images and video of any areas of interest.  We can also capture thermal imaging footage. All of which can be passed on to experts on the ground to review, compare and archive.

Whilst aerial drones may seem like science fiction, they are quickly revolutionising the inspection and survey industries.  Companies who have had to shut down production so that inspections can be conducted need no longer have to. Firms who have had to pay significant sums for scaffolding to be erected simply to check something no longer need to.  Aerial Drones are fast, reliable, efficient and can provide data and visuals from angles and distances that were simply not possible before can.

The cost savings of UAV Drones are REAL.  The advantages of using Aerial Drones of inspections and surveys are REAL.  We are Balmore Aerial Services and we offer a REAL alternative to traditional inspection methods that deliver REAL results.

To discuss your inspection and survey requirements and to find out how aerial drones can benefit your business, please contact us today on 0141 370 4037.