Director of New Spider-Man Movie Teases the Use of Aerial Filming for Stunt Shots

Blockbuster movies show many different shots from a variety of angles. The new Spider-Man movie is no exception if the set photos and videos released by star Tom Holland and director Jon Watts are anything to go by.

A video released by the director has teased fans of the franchise that there may be a number of aerial stunts being performed on the set, with the video showing a ‘To Set’ sign pointing up at a helicopter. The director did not share any more information with Instagram fans as to why the helicopter was being used.

Hotly Anticipated Movie

Fans of the Spider-Man series will be eagerly awaiting the release of the latest blockbuster entitled Homecoming, which is set to be released on 7th July 2017. Although no spoilers have been released, a number of set photos and videos have delighted fans and theorists alike. One photo released by Tom Holland showed the Atlanta Porsche headquarters, and with Robert Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark confirmed to be appearing in the film, many believe that this could be the scene where Tony Stark brings Peter Parker to the Avengers facility. The Porsche headquarters were used as the Avenger’s facility in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.

Benefits of Aerial Filming

Aerial filming with drones and helicopters is a technique often used by filmmakers because of the stunning images they can capture from high up. Aerial filming allows directors to capture movement that offers viewers the ability to see the entire scene unfolding before their eyes.

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