At Balmore Aerial Services, we provide a comprehensive drone inspection service across Scotland.  From our head office in Glasgow, our team of fully trained aerial drone pilots can service everywhere and anywhere in the country.

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With the advancement in technology allowing aerial drones to start flying higher and farther equipped with continually improving HD 4K video and image capturing technology, it is no surprise that aerial inspections and drones are becoming synonymous with each other.

With significant savings to be made on using aerial drones over conventional methods, there are few reasons why you should not be strongly considering using commercial grade aerial drones for your inspection and survey needs.

Not convinced?  Let us put it another way; a traditional method of carrying out a building inspection would normally include the hiring of cherry pickers and/or scaffolding.  This means that you have employees working at height and these employees have to be fully trained and regulated to work in these situations.  The scaffolding and the employee cost money and that is before we have even looked at the potential downtime/disruption that can be caused by installing and dismantling the scaffolding.  If company operations need to be put on hold while the survey inspection is carried out, this can significantly hamper daily profits.

When you use Balmore Inspection Services for your inspection needs, we can quickly deploy one of our full time drone pilots to your location.  We can capture perfect images using our advanced HD 4K camera and recording equipment that includes thermal imaging.  All of this data can then be accessed, reviewed, compared and presented to others accordingly.  And a job that could have taken days with platforms and cherry pickets can now be done in minutes.

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By using Balmore Inspection Services, you will be getting an experienced drone company that is constantly investing in the latest technology and has a fleet of aerial drones that we can pick and choose from to perfectly match your needs and wants.

Aerial Drones are now a quicker and more cost effective alternative to conventional methods of inspection across Scotland.  By using an aerial drone rather than an employee working at height, you are also reducing the risk of human life.

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Our drone inspection services covers the following areas:

If you would like to know more about Balmore, our aerial drones and how we can help you with your inspection needs, then call our Glasgow head office today on 0141 370 4037 or email us at

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