Award Winning UAV Survey and Inspection Services across Scotland and the North of England.

We are Balmore Aerial Services. A Glasgow based leading aerial drone inspection services providers for building inspection, aerial surveys, structural inspections and thermal imaging.

building drone inspection services
One of our drone pilots sending a drone up the side of a block of flats to conduct a thermal imaging scan of the building structure.

Our award winning drone inspection services are helping to pave a new path for inspection services to be performed. One that is faster, more detailed, more accurate and more reliable whilst offering significant cost savings over conventional methods.

Our drone pilots are fully trained and qualified to provide a class leading drone inspection service in complex industrial environments both indoors, outdoors and at sea.

Our UAV drone inspections can perform visual checks from positions and angles that are simply impossible through conventional methods whilst dramatically reducing your risk exposure in a working at height environment.

At Balmore Aerial Services, we provide our drone inspection services using a fleet of different commercial grade drones. Ones that are customised so that we can offer the very best in inspection and survey services. We have drones that are ideally suited for the inspection of wind farms and turbines, ones that are safer for operation in built up residential areas and others that are perfectly designed to access ‘inaccessible’ locations to perform confined spaces inspection.

indoor drone inspection services
Indoor Drones can be used to access High Risk Access Points that humans cannot gain access to. The protective roll cage protects the drone and allows us to confidently fly through tight and twisty mazes of tunnels and pipes.

Whatever your inspection requirements are, we can provide you with a full solution and the software to process the data. From our head office in Glasgow, we can provide our drone inspection services across Scotland and the North of England.

If you would like to know more or to request a quotation for aerial inspection services, please contact our head office on 0141 370 4037