From photogrammetric aerial drone surveys for weather pattern research to thermal imaging of building structures to detect where heat loss points are.

Aerial inspections at winter time can prove to be just as invaluable to business in Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy as in the warmer months of the year.

winter drone survey on island in Scotland
Aerial Inspections need to take place throughout the year

In fact, drone surveys for agricultural use can be of great use for the farming industry. Drones can be used to conduct surveys of bare fields in winter before planting takes place. Drones can be used in this manner to closely inspect how crops are doing, allowing farms to more effectively manage their crops and resources.

Things to know about drone flights in Winter

Low temperatures in winter can affect some aspects of our drone surveys. For example. The cold temperature can actually reduce our flight time as cold batteries hold less charge and can run through their battery power more quickly. And snow, wind and rain can present unpredictable challenges that can get in the way of some specific types of inspection work.

The conditions can also prove to be a challenge for our drone pilots. Temperatures hovering around zero degrees while trying to fly a sophisticated commercial drone can be somewhat taxing on the hands of a drone pilot.

Drone surveys are changing the landscape of inspection and photography work and whether it be in the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter; at Balmore you will always find a professional and award winning drone and inspection service provider. Based in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England for all drone survey services in Energy, Infrastructure, Utilities and Transportation.

If you would like to know more about drone inspection services and how we can benefit your business, please contact our head office today.