Award winning drone inspections for electrical utilities.

Whatever your aerial inspection needs, be it inspection of electrical towers & their hardware to checking electrical powerlines for signs of issues, our aerial drone surveys deliver a flexible and safe method of inspection & survey for the utilities sector with REAL cost savings.

drone utility inspection sector
Unmanned Drone Inspections for the utilities sector

Monitoring electrical utility facilities and associated distribution equipment has always been a vital yet time consuming and costly process. Whether inspections were conducted by helicopters or vehicles equipped with automatic ladder systems and Cherry Pickers, it took time and effort and put personnel at harms way as they were required to work ‘at height’.

However with advances in aerial drone technology, there is now a faster, safer and more affordable way – with better inspection all-round capabilites. We are of course talking about drone inspections for electrical utilities.

drone utilites inspection
From powerlines to wind turbines – drone inspection is changing the ways that the utilities sector are conducting inspections

How do drone inspections for electrical utilities work?

Our drone surveys and inspection services can be broken down into three core stages.

Stage 1 – Data Collection

Our experienced, qualified and fully insured drone pilots collect video, photography and thermal imaging if a specificed inspection ‘zone’ or site, collecting gigabytes of data of your electrical utility asset.

Stage 2 – Data Processing

Our award winning cloud based software processes the imagery and video data into a detailed report based on your request.

Stage 3 – Delivery

Our reports highlight any vulnerabilities and highlight any points of interest including of course their specific GPS locations. This report can easily be passed to multiple bodies, engineers and other experts in the industry while future data can be overlapped with existing reports to enable accurate long term inspection and monitoring. Further extending the life of your electrical utilities and enabling close monitoring of any developing issues for quicker, more reliable and safer scheduled repairs.

Drone Surveys are the future

Using unmanned aerial drones to conduct inspections and surveys allows us to access difficult access locations, structures and power lines quickly and efficiently. The high quality visual data and sensor data that we can collect can prove to be of vital use for the safe monitoring of electrical distribution towers, power lines, pipelines and other facilities in the utilities sector.

powerline inspection using drones
Powerline Inspection is now an easy and affordable process thanks to unmanned drone surveys

From scheduled inspection contracts to one off emergency response inspections, our drone survey pilots work directly with you to create a ficussed flight plan inorder to gather actionable data that can be again and again.

The benefits of using drone surveys for electrical utilities services

1 – Reduced inspection cost. Our drnoe flight operating costs are substantially lower than conventional methods and we can cover more ground – quicker. It all adds up to an increased saving for you.

2 – More detailed inspections means more reliable operations. Drone Inspections can improve the chances of locating and spotting developing faluts in the electrical system. We can help to spot faults, hazardous trees and other vegetation and other external elements that can cause downtimes.

3 – Increased safety. Because we used unmanned drones for our inspection needs, there is no longer a need to put personnel in harms way by making them work at height.

4 – Commercial grade drones that can handle electrical interference. We use commercial grade drones that can handle signal disruption that lower grade drones simply cannot. We also operate safety features including safe return to home mode so that in a circumstance that the done does loose contact with the drone pilot, it will simply return to the GPS location of takeoff.

5 – Efficient use of resources. When we can pinpoint a specific areas of fault, it means that the electrical repair team know EXACTLY where to go and EXACTLY what to fix. This will substantially cut down on repair costs and replacement parts cost.

6 – Detailed and customised reporting. We consult our clients on exactly what they want to know about from any drone inspections so that we can tailor our reports to include everything you want.

7 – Data that works with other systems. The data we collect can be transferred into other systems and software. Please discuss this with us on a case by case basis.

Where do we cover?

Balmore Inspection Services is based in Glasgow and we cover all of Scotland and the North of England. From lighthouses structural inspections of Shetland to Powerlines over the Yorkshire Dales. Please call our head office to discuss your needs and speak directly to our drone pilots who can answer any and all questions you may have about drone utility inspections.

drone utility inspections across Scotland
Our drone inspection work can take us to some of the furthest regions of Scotland