Drone Inspection of food and drink industry production facilities

From the inspection of food storage silos to production facility building structure, drone inspections are the ideal method for conducting visual inspections of vital assets in the food and drink sector.

What was once the stuff of sci fi fantasy is now a vital day to day asset for businesses across the UK. Drone Surveys can be used for aerial inspection both outdoors and indoors while ROV type drones can be used for submerged inspection of silos and tanks without having to drain them. An increasing number of companies in the food and drinks industry are now turning to drones as a way of completing vital visual inspections – saving them thousands of pounds in the process.

Drone Surveys can provide:

  • A fast visual inspection of key production site assets and the condition of vital production equipment.
  • Detailed 4K video, photography and thermal imaging footage of defects, damage and parts failures.
  • Difficult Access Solutions
  • Solution to minimise operational downtime
  • Increased safety
food production facilities drone inspection

Drone inspection services for indoor and confined spaces are ideal for pipe systems, food storage silos and other manufacturing machinery that can be difficult to access for a traditional inspection team. Our confined spaces drones are fitted with protective outer cage that allows them to fly through confined spaces with minimal risk of damage to the drone while ensuring that it does not damage the pipeline or interior of your food production facility.

Thermal Imaging

Our drones are equipped with thermal imaging technology which can make finding leaks in piping or tanks a lot easier.

Thermal imaging cameras translate heat (ie. thermal energy) into visible light. Anything from living things to mechanical devices can produce heat which means that they are visible to thermal devices – even in the dark. While the range of quality in thermal imaging cameras varies, the thermal imaging cameras that we use on our drones can provide precise detailing and can highlight even minimal amounts of heat.

UV Light

We can fit our drones with UV lights to help ensure that locations are cleaned properly. In difficult access locations, cleaning can present a problem. Our drones can spot areas that have not been cleaned – ensuring your facility is up to code.

Inspection Reports

While the time it takes to conduct a drone inspection flight is minimal, we amas thousands of photos and data that we run through our award winning cloud based software in order to provide our customers with a complete report on our inspection work.

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At Balmore, we are an award winning drone survey provider covering land, sea and aerial inspection. Based in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England. We have always reinvested in our team and our equipment, knowing that as the needs and demands of the energy sector grow, so too does the need to maintain regular and detailed inspections of key energy sector facilities. We have positioned ourselves as one of the leading drone survey providers in the country focused on key inspection and survey services for the main sectors of energy, utilities and infrastructure.

We have tailored our services to meet the unique demands of our clients and whether it is one of drone survey requirements or scheduled maintenance inspections that are required for safety and insurance purposes, we are both dynamic and flexible in how we can offer our services.