At Balmore Inspection Services, we are one of the leaders in inaccessible access surveys and inspections across Scotland and England.

Using our specialised confined spaces aerial drone survey equipment which forms a vital member of our drone fleet, the Elios 2 indoor confined spaces drone is both state of the art tough and incredibly versatile.

Equipped to handle the bumps, grazes and knocks that would prevent normal drones from passing, the Elios 2 can easily navigate through tight, twisty, narrow and dark pipes, caves, tunnels and more.  This makes it the perfect drone survey tool for inaccessible access inspection.

How can a drone fly in such difficult environments?

The wireless transmitter technology of the Elios 2 drone means that we can operate the drone through walls and other obstacles and do not require line of site control for the operator.

An Elios 2 indoor drone about to begin an inaccessible access inspection of a pipe.

The collision tolerant indoor drone is mounted within a caged protection cell and is equipped with LED lighting, HD cameras and thermal imaging cameras that allow us to inspect and survey locations in great detail that are otherwise inaccessible and/or high risk for human inspection.  All of this makes the Elios 2 indoor drone the perfect alternative to manned entry in hazardous and confined spaces across Scotland and the North of England.

Our confined spaces drone can be used on any of the following:

Indoor Inspection – Ventilation and Ducting, Ceilings and Roofing

Chemical Manufacturing – Storage Vessels, Water Tanks, Silos, Stracks, Pressure Vessels

Energy Sector – Turbines, Boilers, Tanks, Pressure Vessels

Infrastructure – Bridges, Sewer Pipes, Tunnels, Large Pipes

Mining – Mining Equipment, Tunnel Inspection

If you would like to know more about our Inaccessible Access Drone Services, please contact out head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037

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