While many would assume that UAV’s are only used in outdoor environments, so much of the inspection and survey work conducted by Balmore Aerial Services is in the indoor drone inspection area.

With our fleet of Commercial Grade UAV drones, we can conduct indoor inspections for clients in either confined spaces or large indoor roofed structures. This can range from locations such as inaccessible oil pipelines to railway station roofing that is high up and would normally require scaffolding and rope access teams for inspection requirements.

The benefits of using indoor drones for your inspection and survey services are significant.

  • Indoor drones can cut down operational down time by up to 90%
  • Indoor drones do not require expensive scaffolding, rope access, cherry pickers or cranes for inspection access.
Our Indoor Elios 2 Drone can access difficult/inaccessible pipes for inspection.

Our indoor inspection drones are equipped with HD Camera and Thermal Imaging which allows us to capture inspection locations in greater detail and from vantage points that are simply not possible with conventional inspection methods.

  • Our indoor drones are piloted by one individual. Therefore personnel required for the inspection is less hence operational costs are lower.
  • By using indoor drones, you no longer need to put human life at risk working in dangerous confined spaces and/or working at height.
  • All the inspection video and photo data can be archived to compare data year on year more accurately.

Aerial Drones are changing the face of the inspection industry. They are cheaper to operate than a conventional survey team that require trained experts working at height using scaffolding or rope access; they are faster than conventional methods where an indoor inspection drone can conduct an inspection in hours compared to days; and the downtime that a company has to suffer through while an inspection is being carried out is significantly less that it would be when using conventional methods. Indoor Inspection drones offer significant benefits over conventional methods of inspection.

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