Infrared thermography (thermal imaging) allows us to provide visual non destructive investigations into a wide range of structures including stonework and building inspection.

Thermal imaging is a visual method for showing temperature variations on surfaces. It can’t see through materials but it can display temperature variation differences as low as 0.1ºC. All objects emit infrared radiation above absolute zero (-273ºC). Our thermal imaging cameras (which look just like a standard SLR camera) convert the intensity of radiation into a pixel based visual image.

stone masonry thermal imaging
Thermal imaging can be used on a wide variety of building structure and materials

What can thermal imaging be used for on building structures.

Locating moisture

Thermal imaging can be used in the detection of dampness. When a building is heated, the damp patches will remain cool. While thermal imaging cannot look through materials, any dampness build up within stone masonry will hold heat longer than dry stone so dampness can be spotted both on the surface and within the stonework.

Energy efficiency

Thermal imaging cameras fitted onto our aerial drones can study the energy efficiency of building structures. The insulation value of a building is commonly quoted as a U value. Our thermal imaging cameras can inspect masonry stonework to establish a U value and then look for areas of a building structure that consume more energy. Air leaks and draught points can be detected with a thermal camera where the low pressure air of the indoors of the property can highlight the cooling effect of surfaces around the leak.

Combining thermal imaging with other inspection systems

Thermal imaging can be used in conjunction with 3d laser scanning and 3d imaging software to construct digital models of building structures that can then combine the thermal imaging data to create accurate models that allow us to best identify issues with a sandstone properties masonry.

masonry thermal imaging
3D modelling and thermal imaging building stonework in Edinburgh city center.

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At Balmore, we have become one of the leading drone survey providers for the aerial inspection of buildings, roofing and other infrastructure, utilities and transportation across Scotland and North England.

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