Offshore and Coastal Loading Jetty are vital components in the safe landing space for boats and a means of protection against waves.

The visual inspection of these often complex structures has always been a time consuming, labour intensive process yet a vital requirement for their safe day to day use.

At Balmore Inspection Services, we can provide aerial and underwater drone inspection of jetties across the North Sea, Scotland and the North of England. Our remotely piloted aerial drone and underwater drone can cover almost every aspect of the structure of a jetty.

coastal marine jetty inspection using drones

The difficult to access underwater aspect of a jetty is now an easily accessed point with our underwater drones which can replace the need to put human life at risk for visual NDT. Our aerial drone inspection can be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional labour intensive methods.

Replacing existing Jetty Inspection methods

With a complete land, sea and air inspection service focused on non destructive testing (NDT), our drone services for the marine sector are scalable to meet the requirements of our clients and their visual inspection needs. From detailed, thermal scanning to 3D modelling as part of structural inspection of key infrastructure assets, we have built a name for ourselves as one of the leading drone inspection service providers in the UK.

underwater drone inspection team

Advantages of drone inspection over traditional Jetty Inspection

  • Human risk is all but eliminated as our drones can be piloted from a safe distance.
  • Insurance cost reduction. By reducing risk to human life during inspection services, this can drastically cut down on your insurance costs.
  • Time saving. Our drone inspections on Jetties can be carried out quickly and easily compared to traditional visual inspections which were time consuming and required operational downtime.
  • Reduced cost. With a small team of 1 to two drone pilots, we can provide the complete drone inspection service with REAL cost savings over traditional methods
  • More accurate data. From being able to record more inspection data to GPS tagging images for future direct comparison overlays. A vital part of monitoring developing structural issues on a jetty.

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As an award winning provider of drone surveys, we can capture images, video, thermal scans and 3D modelling of difficult to access points of interest at vantage points and distances that are simply not possible any other way. We invest heavily in the latest technology an equipment to constantly exceed our clients demands and expectations.

our drones are used for offshore inspection

Operating a team of fully qualified, certified and insured drone pilots, we can provide fast responding remote visual inspection services for time critical situations for key oil and gas, wind energy, infrastructure and utilities sectors on both land and sea. If you would like to find out more about our drone inspection services and how they can benefit your business, please contact our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4037 or if you are on the East Coast, call our Edinburgh office on 0131 314 2896.