Thanks to modern aerial drone technology, offshore wind farm inspections can now be conducted faster and more thoroughly with REAL cost savings with Balmore and our wind farm inspection services.

Offshore wind farm inspections are traditionally carried out by a team of inspection experts. Inspections would require scaffolding, trained rope access personnel and other specified equipment that could take weeks to set up for inspections and then dismantle. Now, with advanced UAV drones fitted with 4K HD video and photography capturing technology, we can provide inspection and surveys for offshore wind farms in the UK that can provide significant cost savings over traditional inspection methods with all the extra safety risks that they hold whilst being done in a fraction of the time.

Our fully trained aerial drone pilots are fully employed by Balmore Media and can work from our very own rib power boat to conduct close visual inspections of offshore wind farms. Our aerial drones are able to provide detailed imagery and video footage from angles that were near impossible with traditional methods (these can include splash zones, under-deck and elevations). Thanks to vision sensor technology, our drones are able to go underdeck and capture survey footage without relying on GPS signals.

Offshore Wind Farm Inspections
Aerial Inspections of Offshore Wind Farms can be conducted using our Rib Boats

Our aerial drones can provide detailed survey and inspections of wind farms, converter and substations significantly faster than conventional methods with improved safety levels for your personnel and reduced reliance on inspection teams, scaffolding and rope access specialists.

Our offshore wind farm inspection services are carried out across the North Sea of the UK and Europe.

If you would like to know more about our aerial drone services for offshore wind farm inspections, please contact our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037 or email

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