Using our fleet of commercial drone survey vehicles, we can provide orthographic and digital elevation model mapping.

The end results produces accurate and detailed 2D and 3D digital modelling that are perfect for geological sites, historic building modelling, town planning and so much more.

We are Balmore Inspection Services, an award winning drone survey service provider based in Glasgow, Scotland and covering the UK.

Our aerial services covers everything from ground, sea and air based drone surveys for customers in the Oil & Gas, Wind, Utilities and Infrastructure Industries.

The use of drone surveys for orthographic and digital modelling for your requirements produces an incredibly efficient method of data collecting. Our drones can follow a planned mission flight path to generate high quality detailed capturing of specific targets.

How does Orthographic Mapping work?

Our orthographic drone mapping begins with a planned out grid route that covers the targeted location. Our drone survey begins by following this mapped route, flying at a constant speed with the mapping camera pointed directly downwards to capture multiple images across the route. For more accurate and detailed results, we can conduct additional, lower altitude grid passes.

The data we collect from the drone survey is fed into our powerful award winning software system that ‘stitches’ the collected images into a high resolution, satellite map style image.

This data can then be overlaid with additional geo-referencing data depending on your desired goals from an orthographic drone survey.

orthographic 3d modelling
3D Modelling of historic buildings in busy Town Center

Orthographic Surveys – The benefits

The benefits of orthographical surveys carried out by aerial drone surveys are significant in comparison to conventional ground based inspections.

The speed at which these drone surveys can be carried out is one of the most impressive factors. Our UAV drone surveys can cover a large site area in a fraction of the time of a ground based survey. And the efficiency of the captured data from our orthographic survey is infinitely more impressive and accurate.

Infact, when we conduct our drone surveys, we can store the GPS flight path and altitude heights so that future, comparison data can be analysed for future use.

The measurable data collected from a drone survey is accurate down to centimetres and we can conduct measurements in distance or volume depending on your requirements.

The world of drone surveys has only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible for accurate, efficient and powerful orthographic surveys. With significant cost savings, improved accuracy and faster turn around times, our 3D modelling site surveys and orthographic surveys across the UK are changing things for the better.

To find out more about our drone survey services, please contact our Glasgow head office by calling 0141 370 4037 or by emailing

orthographic survey drone services

If you would like to know more about the photogrammetry and drone mapping software that we use, please click here.