Photographer Captures Stunning Aerial Images and Footage

A photographer has shared his best shots of the abandoned Severalls Hospital in Colchester as the site prepares for demolishing to make way for new housing in the area. Using aerial photography and video footage, Gary Rowe explored the old psychiatric hospital in 2013, and his aerial footage and pictures show how trees, plants and shrub have taken over the deserted hospital, which closed in 1997.

Amazing Perspective

Gary, who lives in Little Clacton but is originally from Colchester, has said, “I thought filming there would be of interest and the video has been really popular in the urban exploring community. It gave an amazing perspective on how nature had overcome what was previously there.”

Describing it as ‘truly amazing’, Gary was able to find a room in which the inside is burnt out and ceiling tiles are on the floor, covered in vegetation. This was done using aerial filming.

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