Photographer’s Shots of Iceland Show Aerial Photography in All Its Glory

When it comes to stunning aerial photography shots, Julien Ratel’s images of Iceland show exactly what can be achieved with the right equipment and the right service provider. Flying in a Cessna aeroplane, photographer Ratel captured some of the most amazing photographs of lava fields, glaciers, estuaries, volcanoes and mountains while travelling over this truly spectacular country.

Dreaming of Aerial Photography

Ratel has spent the last six years exploring Iceland, and he said that he had been dreaming of taking aerial photographs of the stunning terrain. He added, “I’ve explored Iceland from the ground, hiking, driving, sailing and from below in the lava caves, but this summer, I experienced the flight I had been dreaming about since I settled.”

Capturing the Best Shots

Julien Ratel’s shots prove what level of detail can be achieved with the experience and necessary equipment. Here at Balmore Aerial Media, we have a team of professional photographers using the very best equipment to ensure that our customers always get the best images.

We use top-of-the-range equipment that will ensure we are always going to capture the shots you require. Our expertise in this area means that we can save you time and money because we know what is needed.

Our Commitment to You

Whether you need aerial filming or photography, our team of experts will deliver every time. No matter what type of event or image you want to capture, be it wildlife, a special event or a building to be surveyed, we will make sure that the delivery is exactly what you were expecting. Whatever you need to be filmed or photographed, we will ensure you get the image or video you require.

We use high definition 4K cameras, which allows for every little detail to be captured for you to share with colleagues, clients, friends or family members.