Police in Northern Ireland Benefit from Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a very useful tool, as police officers in Northern Ireland discovered last week. Following on from reports of a car crash in the village of Millisle in County Down, a man was found hiding in bushes thanks to the PSNI’s use of helicopter thermal imaging.

After the crash, the police were called to the scene, but a number of people had already fled. However, one man was not so lucky as police were soon able to locate him after he was spotted on the helicopter’s thermal imaging camera.

Abandoned Car

A police officer said, “Following reports of a car crash in Millisle, we arrived in the main seafront car park to find this abandoned car. Several people made off from the vehicle, and one male was quickly arrested close by. We believed another person was still in the area, and we were lucky enough to have the helicopter arrive to help.”

The officer explained that the second man was hiding a short distance from the crash in dense undergrowth and said that without the help of the helicopter thermal imaging, officers would have been unable to find him. Both men were arrested and the crashed vehicle was removed.

How Thermal Imaging Can Benefit Your Business

There are many reasons for using thermal imaging, including aiding firefighting and search and rescue teams, but it can also be used by some businesses that are responsible for inspecting power lines or solar panels.

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