Preparing for the winter

Across Scotland, we are entering the final weeks where roofing maintenance can be carried our without having to worry as much about the weather. When the Winter Wind and Rain hits Scotland, it makes roofing repairs and maintenance that little bit more difficult to schedule in.

A visual inspection with the naked eye used to be the only way to inspect a roof. This may be fine for a local residential property but for larger scale industrial building, a regular inspection of a roof can take longer and was more likely to miss issues.

It is why our UAV thermal imaging services have become so popular. Over the summer months, we have been able to provide countless roofing inspections for our industrial customers. Our drones, equipped with thermal imaging cameras can cover an entire industrial complex quickly and in a LOT more detail than the naked eye.

It can also highlight invisible problems that through our Specialist Contracting Division, can be repaired in time for winter and at a reduced cost to what the repairs would have been if left unnoticed and unresolved.

There is still time to get a drone inspection of your commercial property using our thermal imaging uav.

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