Drone Roof Surveys and Chimney Surveys conducted by Aerial Drones using Video, Photography and Thermal Imaging.

Using commercial drones to conduct aerial inspections of industrial roofing, historic buildings, Bridges, Spitres, Towers and more can be a cost effective method of checking your roofing is in full working order whilst being able to efficiently identify and highlight weakness areas that can be addressed and repaired now, saving you considerably on future maintenance and repair costs.

We are Balmore Inspection Services. An Award Winning aerial drone survey provider covering all areas of inspection from land, sea and air.

Our drone roof surveys and chimney inspection work provides you with a report filled with high resolution images, high definition video and thermal imaging capture of your required structure. Whether you choose to monitor the results in real time or access our cloud based software, our aerial roof inspection work is a superior, cost saving and safer solution for those requiring roof inspections.

Thermal Imaging historic building
Thermal Imaging can identify vulnerable spots on a historic building that the naked eye simply can’t

Our drone surveys can provide:

  • roofing inspection
  • building inspection
  • historic building inspection
  • churches
  • bridge inspection
  • traffic surveys
  • construction site surveys

While previous inspections required Rope Access Teams and Production Shut Downs, our aerial drones can be operated by a simple two person team (the pilot and a spotter). We are fully qualified and insured to work in built up populations and have had previous approval to fly our drones next to hot spot areas including airports.

Surveying and inspection roofing, especially on older historic buildings such as churches can be both dangerous AND expensive. By using our Drone Survey Services, we can provide a fast, efficient and detailed inspection, covering areas of your roofing from vantage points that are simply unavailable and impossible to conventional methods.

leaking factory roof
Our drone roof inspection service can highlight and flag up any issues with your roof

Examples of when a drone roof inspection is of benefit

There are many buildings across Scotland and the North of England that require surveys to be conducted on a regular basis. With our drone services, we can provide scheduled inspections of your property that can satisfy insurance policies and because all of our data is archived in our award winning cloud software, we can review, compare and analyse GPS location overlay of positions on your roof to see what is being affected over a long period of time. This incredible detail can truly help you to identify problems early (far earlier than the naked eye) and address them before they become expensive repair jobs.

Examples of regular roofing and chimney surveys include:

  • Flare Stacks
  • Factory Chimneys
  • Transportation Bridges
  • Factory Warehouse Roofing
  • Listed Buildings
  • Historic Buildings

If you would like to know more about our Roof and Chimney Survey and Inspection services using our Drone Roof Survey Services, please contact our Glasgow Head office by calling 0141 370 4037 or by emailing info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

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