A leaking roof can be one of the most infuriating issues that a home owner can have.

A leaking roof can be either a costly repair job or an exhausting process of simply trying to find the cause of the leak.

A loose tile or cracked slate at the top of the roof can be the cause for damaging your property at a completely different location. A damaged chimney stack can cause a build up of damp in your living room two stories below.

There was a time when fixing these issues relied on either blind luck or a competent roofer who had seen it all before. There is now however a third option that is both faster, more reliable and is supported with visual evidence. UAV Drones equipped with state of the art thermal imaging technology may sound like science fiction but the use of aerial drones to conduct leaking roof traces and detection is fast becoming the norm.

At Balmore Aerial Service, we are equipped with a fleet of commercial grade aerial drones that we can use to conduct full roof inspection and surveys. This of course includes the inspection and location of leaking roof issues.

A perfect example of this can be found with an existing client of Balmore based in Edinburgh. For years, they had a damp wall that ran from the corner of the board room on the first floor all the way down to the front office on the ground floor. The damp had caused paint to flake off, plaster to crack and the wooden floor to begin rotting away. THREE different roofers were called out to find and fix the issue at this office property in the centre of Edinburgh. The first roofer swore blind that it was just some loose slates and charged for a days labour refitting slate tiles. The second roofer was 100% confident that it was the lead flashing around the chimney of the old Edinburgh property that was the issue. So this was replaced – yet still the issue persisted. The third roofer was confident that it was simply the pointing of the wall that was allowing water to enter. So the back of the property was re-pointed. And still the issue remained.

It was only through a chance conversation during a business meeting with a client that the customer heard about the use of aerial drones to perform roof surveys. Initially dismissed as an astronomically expensive service, the Edinburgh business did however take the chance and called us at our head office in Glasgow. A surprisingly low cost quote for a roof inspection was confirmed and a booking was placed. We turned up at the address and performed a full aerial inspection of the property using our 4K HD video capturing camera and thermal imaging camera. Our on site aerial drone pilot was able to show the customer a complete visual of the property and could highlight the exact reason for the leak.

Armed with this new knowledge, the customer was delighted to know that Balmore Aerial Services is part of The Balmore Group of Scotland which also contains Balmore Specialist Contracts, a roofing repairs and building repairs firm. We were able to offer a complete survey, inspection and repair service for the customer which, thank to our leaking rood detection survey, knew exactly what the issue was and what we needed to do to fix it.
Six months later, we received a call from the same client who was delighted to report that the issue had indeed been fixed and there were no new signs of any water penetrating the office building. If only they had known about Balmore Aerial Services and our leaking roof inspection service using UAV drones.

If you have a leaking roof (either as a residential or commercial property owner) where the cause of the leak cannot be found then call Balmore Aerial Services today. Our roof inspection and survey services can be used for both residential and commercial clients across Scotland and North England.

If you would like more information, simply call us today at our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 370 4037