How much does a drone roof survey cost?

Using an aerial drone to conduct a roof survey has many significant advantages over traditional methods including:

  • Time – An aerial drones can be up in the air conducting a survey of your residential or commercial property in seconds. Conventional methods including scaffolding and cherry pickers can take time to be delivered and set up (not to mention potential damage to the grounds surrounding a property) and can pose dangerous hazards to your employees and offer disruption to daily business activity.
  • Cost – While the cost saving varies from job to job, savings of between 60-70% are not uncommon for roof surveys using UAV drones compared to conventional scaffolding surveys.
  • Safety – By using an aerial drone to conduct roof surveys and inspections, there is the added benefit of not having to put human life at risk by conducting a survey at height.
  • Detail – Our aerial drones are equipped with HD video and image capturing technology along with thermal imaging cameras. These cameras produce incredibly detailed photographs and video which can be used by experienced roofers, building surveyors, architects and similar professionals to be used for accurate reports into the state of your roof.
A thermal image from an aerial roof inspection program.

The cost of roof surveys using aerial drones varies depending on both the scale of the job and indeed the number of drone operators that are required. Depending on the complexity of the roof survey, a second aerial drone pilot would be required to operate the drone’s cameras (with the first piloting the drone itself).

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