Delivering the highest quality underwater tank inspection service using cutting edge ROV underwater drone systems.

Our ROV tank inspection work allows for the complete internal inspection of tanks and silos WHILE the tank or water tower is full.

Why this is of great benefit

When conducting a visual inspection of a tank or water storage silo while full, it allows your fire suppression and supply feed systems to remain active. This can be invaluable to a) keep your production assets online for longer and b) monitoring any issues during a ‘live’ operating window.

Why a drone inspection is superior to using divers

Traditionally tank inspections would have to be conducted by a dive team of confined spaces specialist NDT team. But with human life at risk, there is understandable safety considerations that had to be taken into account. This increased the cost of NDT inspection while also delivering slower results. ROV Inspection can deliver faster results with REAL cost savings and with no human life put at risk.

Sprinkler Tank Inspection without draining

While sprinkler systems provide an invaluable fire protection system for commercial businesses, the sprinkler tanks themselves have to be maintained properly. A sprinkler tank should be inspected every 10 years.

Using ROV drone inspections for tank inspection and the high quality digital video and photography that they provide an help ensure that your tank sprinkler system is primed and ready for action (while keeping your insurance firm happy). As an added benefit, not having to drain your tank conserves water and eliminates the need for recommissioning of the sprinkler tank.

Our ROV Underwater Drone

Our Underwater Drone ‘Balmore 17’ is a SAAB SeaEye underwater robotic drone that thanks to its size, can provide key confined spaces inspection work that eliminates the need to put divers in life threatening situations. Our ROV underwater work is used frequently for Ship Hull Inspection, Powerlines, Underwater Structural Inspection and so much more.

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About Balmore Inspection Services

We provide award winning drone survey and inspection services for indoor, outdoor and underwater visual inspection needs. The significant cost and time savings of drone surveys means that they are a genuine alternative to conventional inspection methods are are fast becoming the number 1 method of conducting regular visual inspections on structures, utilities and infrastructure.

At Balmore, we offer the expertise of four decades in difficult access works including roofingrope accessindustrial cleaning and drone inspection services. Our one stop shop approach to inspection, repair and cleaning has grown through our desire to constantly exceed our clients expectations and offer a service that is far superior to our competitors.

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