Award winning Aerial Survey Services across Scotland & England for everything from Roofing Surveys to Topographical Surveys

We are Balmore Inspection Services and our aerial survey services for HD Video, Photography & Thermal Imaging Surveys has made us one of the leading drone inspection companies in the country.

Drone Aerial Surveys for visual inspection

Offering incredibly high quality and accurate aerial surveys across Scotland and England, our fleet of commercial grade aerial drones provides the most efficient and cost-effective method of collecting data on land and sea for specific areas of interest.

Aerial Surveys are quickly becoming a popular and logical choice for land development, architects, construction sites, quarries and mining facilities and so much more. Being able to gain visual vantage points that are simply not possible any other way, aerial survey drones can capture in crystal clear quality points of interest, conduct 3D modelling scans and create topographical surveys at ease. Coupled with our cloud based software, we can process and analyse thousands of photo files to create accurate survey reports that can easily be passed to architects, engineers and more for use in their specific fields.

There’s no better way to survey an area quickly and more efficiently than by hiring a well-established aerial drone company like Balmore for professional aerial surveys for your business needs.

Our drone pilots are fully qualified aerial drone survey experts with thousands of hours of drone flights under their fingertips. With so many years of experience comes and ability to offer a more complete survey service both land, sea & air based inspection.

While the uses for aerial surveys has almost no limits, we have been seeing steady growth in the fields of land surveillance, forestry, and infrastructures, however, as drone technology constantly advances, so to do the areas in which we find ourselves working in. And this has led us to invest in underwater drone technology that compliments the aerial survey work that we do i the Oil & Gas industry for the likes of North Sea Oil Platform inspections.

Exceeding expectations today whilst investing in tomorrow

We recognise that drone technology is a constantly evolving and growing industry so we regularly re-invest in the newest drone and camera technology to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

With the latest in aerial drone equipment, leading drone pilots and advanced survey equipment, you can see why we have become one of the leading aerial survey service providers in Scotland and the North of England.

Whatever your aerial survey needs, it is always best to discuss your requirements with us either over the phone or in person. We are confident that no matter what your aerial survey needs may be, our specialist drone inspection team will be up to the task.

Don’t hesitate, if you’re in need of a professional aerial survey service please call our Glasgow head office at 0141 944 6100, or send us an email at


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