Flare Stack Inspection and surveys carried out during active use is a specialty drone service that we at Balmore Aerial Services provide to our oil and gas clients in the North Sea oil fields.

Our aerial drone visual and thermal flare inspections are conducted by fully trained and certified Balmore Media pilots who provide inspection and surveys services throughout the year.


At Balmore Media, we constantly invest in the latest drone technology to offer our customers the very best in aerial inspection and survey services using the latest crystal clear 4K video and imaging camera technology.

The potential money savings of using our aerial drone surveys for your Flare Stack inspection have to be seen to be believed. Our aerial inspections of a flare can be carried out while the Flare Stack is in active use. This means that there is no requirement to shutdown the stack. This method of inspection can save significant amounts of money and has the added benefit of video surveys of the flare stack in active use. This level of aerial drone inspection can provide vital information for future planning of potential shutdowns, removing risk and leading to even more cost saving potential.

With our aerial surveys we can capture video footage in full 4K HD at angles that are near impossible through previous inspection methods. Our aerial inspections and surveys can be done quickly and easily with minimum human risk of life.


Our Flare Stack Aerial Inspections and Surveys cover the following:

  • Flare Tip Condition Inspections
  • Pilot Ignition Systems
  • Radiation Shield
  • Flare Supporting Structure
  • Pipework
  • Gantries
  • Handrails


flare stack aerial inspectionIf you would like to know more about Balmore Media and our aerial inspections and surveys for Flare Stacks in the oil and gas sector, please contact us at our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037 or contact us by email at info@balmore-ltd.co.uk