Offshore Drone Inspections


offshore drone inspection services

Introducing our Rigid-Inflatable Boat (RIB) ‘Balmore 3’

Balmore Media Services has in our arsenal a rigid-inflatable boat squad (RIBS) named ‘Balmore 3’. Using advanced RYA trained powerboat drivers we can transport our aerial drone pilots, engineers & UAV drones to almost any location on water. This offshore drone service has allowed us to access offshore wind farms for inspections with great ease.


We are always investing more into our equipment to ensure we have the very best aerial drone technology and imaging and video equipment and supplies to cater to any and all of our clients needs.  That is why we continue to operate our RIB ‘Balmore 3’ – so that we can carry out offshore and inshore aerial inspections.

By using a professional aerial drone service like Balmore Media, you get more than just another drone hire.  You get a professional aerial media expert able to carry out your offshore and inshore inspections using the very latest in aerial drone media technology. Simply put, Balmore Aerial Media can carry out your offshore/inshore inspections quicker, safer, more professionally and more cost-effectively than the alternative.