Underdeck surveys and inspections carried out by high tech drones with crystal clear video and imaging cameras can offer significant savings over conventional underdeck surveys.

Balmore Media operate a fleet of the latest specification aerial drones, all piloted by professional full time drone pilots that are fully accredited and certified for inspection and surveys in the oil and gas sector. We use aerial drones that incorporate the latest in vision sensor technology. This technology does not rely on satellite GPS systems. This allows our highly trained and skilled drone pilots to perform underdeck surveys without relying on GPS systems so that the most hard to reach and survey locations can be captured with ease.

The aerial inspection services on oil and gas rigs by Balmore Media provides video footage directly underdeck of an offshore fixed or floating installation in the north sea of Scotland. These video and photography surveys can focus on areas of interest underdeck that require maintenance. We can inspect underdeck areas of interest that would usually require large scaffolding and rope access services to reach. These types of aerial survey can save significant sums of money both in man power, down time and health and safety risks. A typical inspection of the underdeck of an offshore fixed or floating rig can be done in days rather than the potential weeks required for a scaffolding team that includes all the equipment, trained personnel and safety equipment. Our aerial surveys can be carried out quickly and easily with minimum disruption and the video and photography footage can be archived for future use and reference.underdeck surveys

If you would like to find out more about Balmore Media and our inspection survey services for underdeck installations in the oil and gas sector, please contact us at our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037 or emails us at info@balmore-ltd.co.uk