Wedding Drone Hire


Balmore Aerial Services are available for wedding drone hire for video and photography services to cover your wedding day with both stunning aerial video footage and high resolution 4K still images.


Our drone wedding photography and video packages are designed to provide stunning moments of your special day within a budget that works for you. We can provide our aerial drone video services for weddings across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland.  Indeed, we can provide wedding aerial video services nationwide.


Balmore Aerial Media Services provide aerial 4K resolution media using the latest and most advanced UAV drone technology on the market. The DGI Inspire 1 PRO, which is fully accredited by the BMFAF is our current aerial drone of choice.


What is a drone?

A UAV Drone is a simple unmanned aircraft that can carry 4K Video and photography equipment.  Controlled by remote from an experienced pilot on the ground, the drone can capture video and photos of your wedding from previously unavailable space.

wedding drone hire


4 reasons to consider hiring aerial drones for your wedding


1 – It offers a new and exciting angle to your wedding.  A sweeping video sequence of you and your newly married partner with your friends and family standing besides you is a moment that can be captured for all time.

2 – Being able to capture the moment you walk down the aisle from the sky is something not every bride can say they have.

3 – UAV drones can capture photos and videos from locations that normal photography would not allow.  So if you are getting married beside a river for example, you can have video and photos looking into the venue from over the river itself.

4 – On your big day there are so many things to do and people to say hello and thank that the whole day can go by in the blink of an eye.  With 4K video from a drone you can relive so many of those moments again and again.


To receive a bespoke quotation for wedding drone hire, please contact our Glasgow office on 0141 370 4037