Current methods of Wind Farm inspection are slow, costly and dangerous.  By using aerial drones, your business can see real financial savings whilst benefiting from a superior inspection service with reduced the risk of live.


It all sounds promising.  The benefits definitely sound like they outweigh the negatives but what are the real benefits of using aerial drones for Wind Farm turbine inspections?

There are four obvious benefits.  Firstly – time.

When you hire Balmore Aerial Services, you get access to some of the most advanced commercial grade drones available.  With our fleet of aerial drones, we can inspect more wind turbines in a shorter time frame.  This means that a job that could have taken weeks using conventional methods can now be done in days (Wind Farm size dependent).

The second benefit is cost.

Rather than having to bring in high access specialists and the various tools and equipment that are required with this, all you need when you hire Balmore Aerial Services is our fully qualified and certified drone pilot and our highly advanced commercial aerial drone (picked from out fleet to best match your criteria).  We can then perform a fully HD video and photography inspection of each wind turbine on your plot and record from angles and positions that were literally impossible to achieve before.  This video and photography footage can then be reviewed by experts to complete the inspection process.


Wind Farm Aerial Inspections


The third main benefit of using aerial drones for wind farm inspections is safety.

When you use an aerial drone to perform a windfarm turbine inspection, you do not require workmen to be put in harms way.  There is no longer a need to send survey teams up to the top of the wind turbines on cherry pickers, abseiling equipment, ladders or other at height methods as part of the inspection process.  This means that there is less ‘working at height’ time and that will will dramatically improve safety.


The final main benefit is data.

And by that we mean that with every wind turbine survey, we can record and store detailed HD video of each turbine which can be reviewed and compared to future surveys.  No longer will you have to revert to paper and pen notes or grainy photos taken by a shaking hand.  This archiving of data can provide significant long term savings as problems can be spotted more quickly and dealt with more swifty with real savings on potential downtime.


So with all of these benefits – what are the downsides?  Honestly, we don’t really know.  Year on year we continue to grow in the Wind Farm Inspection Sector as more and more energy businesses are recognizing the significant benefits of using aerial drones to conduct their wind turbine inspections.  It isn’t just about cost saving, it isn’t just about better data, faster results or a safer working environment.  It is a combination of all four (and more).


Wind Farm Aerial Inspections


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