Award Winning Aerial Drone Survey Services for Wind Turbine Blade Inspections. We cover Wind Farms across Scotland and the North of England.


The time and cost savings of using aerial drones to provide inspection services for the wind energy sector is well known but did you know that they can also provide a superior overall inspection service? At Balmore, we are an award winning aerial inspection company based in Glasgow, covering all of Scotland and the North of England for Wind Turbine Blade Inspections services.

Our onshore and offshore Wind Turbine Blade Inspections service uses the latest in commercial aerial drone technology to offer 4K HD video and photography inspection surveys of turbine blades. Combined with our powerful cloud software, we can offer a huge leap forward in your inspection needs whilst providing valuable archiving and historic comparison data which can offer significant savings on future repairs and turbine downtime.

Our fleet of UAV aerial drones have grown over the years so that we can better meet our customers demands and expectations. From more advanced drones that can carry heavier inspection equipment to those with a more powerful battery for increased flight time. Our investment in out team and our equipment means that we are always at the front line of competitive drone services in Scotland.

It allows us to offer inspections and surveys that are significantly faster than traditional methods and can provide a significant financial saving to your business over traditional inspection methods whilst improving employee health and safety.

Our HD video capturing software allows you to visually see in real time wind turbine blades from multiple angles and vantage points, some of which were until recently impossible to obtain without the use of UAV drones. All imagery is captured in high definition and all stored for future referencing. This makes our Wind Turbine Blade Inspections service a genuine alternative to current methods.

Our fleet of outdoor aerial drones that we use for inspection and survey purposes are all piloted by full time Balmore Inspection drone pilots who are fully qualified and certified in onshore and offshore drone piloting. Our team have years of experience in successful drone surveys on wind farms located across the UK.

At Balmore Inspection Services, we constantly invest in our equipment and personnel to ensure that the service that we offer you truly is the best available. From the latest in video and photography cameras to aerial drones that can fly higher and farther for longer, our team of pilots receive regular training to ensure that we are at the top of our game for your needs.

Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

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