Award Winning Drone Inspection Services across Ports in Scotland & the North of England for ROV Ship Hull Inspection.

Our underwater inspection services can help our clients maintain safe and effective sea operations using non destructive testing methods to assess a ship hulls thickness and spot any hull defects or damage that has been caused during normal operations.

Our ship hull inspection services can be used to spot for the following:

  • Cracks in the hull
  • Dents
  • Signs of buckling
  • Corrosion
  • Bulges
  • Leaks
  • Biological Build Up
rov inspection services for Ship Hull
Our ROV Underwater Inspection Drone ‘Balmore 17’

What are the benefits of underwater drone inspection?

The benefits of ROV Inspections can not be overlooked. ROVs are the future of underwater inspection and offer multiple advantages over conventional inspection methods.

1 – Speed of Deployment

A standard ship hull inspection will be conducted by several divers consisting of the primary inspection diver and potentially at least three other divers acting in support. The divers may swap roles during an inspection due to safety limiting water access. This entire process can slow down the inspection time. Our ROV underwater drone can conduct a ship hull inspection entirely on its own with our Drone pilot operating the ROV from our very own support RIB ‘Balmore 16’

underwater inspection services
The ‘Balmore 16’ RIB that we use to access and peform our underwater inspections.

2 – Less paperwork

A traditional ship hull inspection requires a lot of paperwork that is required for health & safety and port authority approval. This is simply because human life is being put at risk.

Diving equipment has to be inspected regularly which takes time and can add to the paperwork.

With our ROV Drone Inspections, there is less paperwork so we can get to work conducing a ship hull inspection faster.

3 – A higher inspection coverage ability

Because our ROV Underwater Drone can cover an entire ship hull quickly and in great detail, it means that we can cover a lot more of the ships ‘points of interest’ without having to consult inspection engineers.

4 – Health & Safety Advantages

By using underwater drones to conduct inspections, you are immediately removing human life from being put at risk. When conducting a ship hull inspection, there is a risk of ships colliding into a diver in a busy port. This issue is immediately removed.

To try and reduce this risk, it is common for ships to be anchored a mile away from port for their hulls to be inspected. However this then introduces the danger of strong currents waving divers away into deeper ocean water. The powerful motors of our ROV Inspection craft can fight against these strong currents to conduct ship hull inspections safely.

5 – The Bends

Decompression Sickness (aka ‘The Bends’) can take its toll on divers who are conducting ship hull inspections. The rapid pressurisation and depressurisation that occurs when diving more than 12 metres can cause serious health issues for divers. Our ROV Inspection drones can go up and down all day long conducting inspections.

As you can see, with ROV Underwater Inspections, we can perform a ship hull inspection faster and more safely with less paper work and a more enhanced inspection coverage service.

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Across Ports in Scotland and the North of England, we can provide a class leading Ship Hull Inspection either as a one off service or as part of a scheduled contract service.

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