Completing visual inspections of solar panels across Scotland faster than traditional methods and with REAL cost savings.

We are Balmore Inspection Services. One of the leading drone inspection service providers in Scotland. Our visual inspection drone service work has become an essential part of the day to day operations of so many businesses in Oil & Gas, Wind, Utilities and Infrastructure sectors. And in the energy sector, more and more solar farms are recognising the significant benefits that drone inspections can offer over traditional inspection methods. From standard video and photography based inspection work to detailed thermal imaging and detailed analysis inspection in partnership with your engineering team, we can provide it all.

drone inspection for solar panels
Drone Inspection is now the preferred method of visual inspection for building structures, wind farms and solar farms across the country

The benefits of using drone inspection

Our commercial grade drones, equipped with thermal imaging cameras can provide visual inspections of large solar panel farms much faster than ground based inspection equipped with thermal cameras. And while the speed of inspection increases, so too does the quality of the inspection data. Our drones can capture solar panels from multiple angles and vantage points which are simply impossible for ground based inspection teams to provide. Our thermal scans can be used to spot defects on panels much faster which can reduce operational downtime and increase operating output.

Thermal Imaging can be used to spot:

  • Cracks
  • Faulty Inter-connectors
  • Defective bypass diodes
  • Manufacturing defects

Where can solar panel inspection be carried out?

Solar farms are becoming a more common site in Scotland thanks to advances in solar PV technology. Drone inspections can cover these solar farms quickly and in great detail. On solar panels fitted to tower blocks and roofing structures that are difficult to access, drones offer the ideal, safe inspection method that does not require putting human life at risk working at height or the cost of access equipment such as rope access or scaffolding.

Our drone pilots are fully qualified, certified and insured to conduct commercial drone inspection work across the UK.

Drone operating window

Drone inspection services can be carried out in the same weather conditions that traditional ground based inspection work is performed in.

Like ‘At Height’ inspection teams, we do not operate in high winds and heavy rain because of the safety implications.  Our drones can fly in the air against wind speeds or just over 30mph but for inspection services that require steady HD photography work, we only advise flights in winds below 21 mph.

While our aerial drones are water resistant and can fly in the rain, rainwater can get on the camera lenses and spoil any visual photography shots – much like a traditional inspection team would experience.

Our drones run to a maximum of 55 minutes inspection time. The average time that a single flight inspection takes (depending on the specific service requested) is around 30 minutes.  We always bring extra battery packs with us for our drones and it only takes a few minutes to swap out batteries on our drones before we can begin another inspection run.  This means that we can fly our drones almost continually through the day with only brief ‘pit stops’.

The maximum range that we can conduct a drone survey is 500m from the controlling pilot.  This must also include a visible line of sight at all times.

Our drones are equipped with award winning software that includes auto pilot controls which can be used to create precise flight paths using GPS co-ordinates for specific commercial drone inspection requirements.  This flight path can be saved and reused to conduct exact overlapping inspections that can be carried out over a long time period.  This ability is ideal for aerial inspections that need to monitor ‘points of interest’ solar panels that have developing issues.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our drone inspection work in the energy sector, please contact our head office in Glasgow by calling 0141 370 4037 or if you are on the East Coast, please call our Edinburgh office on 0131 314 2896.

When you contact our team to discuss your inspection needs, we can explain the full process and arrange a visual demonstration of our drone survey capabilities either with an arranged demonstration while we conduct an initial site survey or by sending you video case study examples of our previous work in a similar field.  Simply contact our friendly team at our Glasgow head office to discuss your unique requirements.

building solar panel drone inspection
Using drones to inspect solar panels fitted to roofing on tall buildings