Structural Inspection in the summer sun

While schools go back this week, it does not mean that the summer is completely over and at Balmore, we have been hard at work, taking advantage of the nice Scottish summer weather to provide invaluable structural surveys for customers in and around Scotland and the North of England.

Structural inspections is an area where the use of UAV drones has really caught on. With the likes of a transportation bridge in the middle of the countryside, a traditional inspection would require a team to erect scaffolding and then a separate team of ‘at height’ qualified inspectors to go up said scaffolding to inspect the bridge. This simple service could take days to complete with a not inconsiderable cost. However with UAV drones, we can arrive with a single drone pilot and commercial drone selected for the specific purpose, conduct the survey and be back in the office for lunch.

The cost saving and the service performance increase is why UAV drones are becoming so popular for structural inspection services. It is not a cost cutting issue – it is moving to a new, fast, effective and detailed survey tool that just so happens to offer a real cost saving over conventional inspection methods.

At Balmore Aerial Services, we run a fleet of drones that are tailored to individual service requirements. It means that we can offer a better service that our competitors and it means that we can deliver a better performance than our competitors.

From our head office in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England.

If you would like to know more about our structural inspection services, please call us today on 0141 370 4037