Stunning Aerial Footage Shows Hawaiian Kilauea Volcano Erupting

Hawaiian Kilauea Volcano Erupting
Hawaiian Kilauea Volcano Erupting


Aerial footage provided by the US Geological Survey shows a rare close-up of an active Hawaiian volcano erupting on Tuesday 4th October 2016. In the video, the lava lake within Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano can be seen spewing molten rock into the air and sending huge ripples of molten lava splashing up the crater walls. The lava can be seen glowing through the cracks and eventually bursting through the mantle crust of the lava lake. This stunning sight was captured by aerial footage in incredible 4K ultra high definition.

Dangerous Area

Stephen Wessels, USGS video producer, along with a team of scientists including geologist Janet Babb, worked along the edge of the volcano. They had to wear protective equipment at all times in order to capture the images. Babb told the Associated Press that the volcano is full of dangers including hazardous gases and splattering lava. Just a week after the team left, the filming location they were working on was completely covered in hot lava.

This was a very dangerous spot, but the team were determined to get breath-taking footage of this incredible site. It is not something that many thought they would ever witness, but thanks to the use of brilliant 4K technology and the dedication of the team, people all over the world can now take a look at this awe-inspiring volcanic eruption.


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