Drones are the future. As one of the leading drone inspection providers in Scotland and North England, we were once of the early adopters of commercial drones to conduct visual inspections of assets, infrastructure and landscapes.

But as technology has advanced, the ability to procure drones has become easier and more affordable and as a business that requires aerial drone survey work to be conducted, you may be considering the investment into an in-house drone for your needs. But before you do, here is why you should consider bringing in an outsourced partner like Balmore to conduct your drone inspection work.

building inspection work using drone surveys

Reduced Costs

You may have seen a drone for sale for £100 and thought it was an easy way into drone inspections. But setting up an internal drone program requires serious time and money. It is not as simple as buying a drone and you are good to go. There is a lot more to it including:

Initial Drone Purchase Equipment – Commercial Grade Drones begin at four figures.

Inspection Equipment – Thermal Cameras and Recording Equipment needs to be purchased.

Licensing Software and Cloud Storage – Drone Inspections involves a lot of data. Thousands of images and video files and the software that needs to be used to compute that into finalised reports is expensive.

Trained Drone Pilots – To conduct aerial inspection work, whether in a residential area or in the countryside, you need drone pilot licenses and qualifications. It requires hours of training.

The Right Equipment

We operate a fleet of drones. This allows us to use the right drone for the right job. From confined spaces drones to underwater inspection and aerial inspection. We have specific drones for the likes of under bridges and oil rig platforms that have stronger signal receivers to combat interference and have return home capabilities for added safety.

Wherever and whenever

Thermal inspection of a building is best conducted in early morning or late evening to monitor the thermal points of the building. As an outsourced drone inspection provider, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.

drone inspection of powerlines

Across Scotland & England

With off road vehicles that allow us to reach points with no roads and our very own Access Craft endorsed for operating Power Driven Vessels up to 24 metres with up to 12 passengers and crew we can reach any and all areas of Scotland and the North of England. It allows us to conduct transmission tower inspection work on difficult access islands.

Legal and Liability Cover

In an ever changing sector, the laws for drone usage are also changing. As a dedicated drone inspection provider, we maintain compliance with local regulations and know exactly what regulations and licensing is required for each drone survey.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about drone inspection and survey work and to arrange a demonstration of our drone capabilities, please contact our Glasgow head office today.

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