The summer sun can be the best time to have a drone inspection carried out

While your ‘off the shelf’ UAV drone that you can buy from the toy shop may not handle anything stronger than a light breeze, commercial drones like the ones used by Balmore can fly in some tougher conditions. There is a misconception that drone surveys can only be carried out when the weather is perfect. And considering that in Scotland and the UK, the weather rarely is perfect, there are those that shy away from drone surveys and inspections simply because they thing that they can not work in bad weather.

Our drones can be piloted in the same weather that conventional inspections can be carried out. So if it is too windy for our drones to fly then it will likewise, be too windy for a human inspection team to operate at height. The same goes with the rain. If it is rainy so hard that we can’t fly our drones to conduct an aerial roof inspection, then the rain is too heavy for an inspection team to work in.

So while we can work in all these conditions, the beautiful weather that we have been enjoying this summer in Scotland has provided us with perfect flying conditions. As such, we have been able to work on a lot of large jobs for customers across Scotland who are needing a quality drone inspection service.

So while we can provide our aerial inspection services in worse conditions, now is the time to act and book Balmore Aerial Services to provide a top class aerial inspection service for your business.