Thermal Imaging Roof Surveys

During the summer months of the year, our sister division Balmore Specialist Contracts is hard at work repairing roofing and building work for customers across Glasgow and the Central Belt before the the winter months come in. They provide this for both residential and commercial customers alike – and like Balmore Aerial Services, they are 100% focused on providing a quality service that exceeds the customers expectations.

And from time to time, they link up with Balmore Aerial Services to provide a Roof Survey. With our UAV drones equipped with 4K camera and thermal imaging, we can provide a detailed thermal imaging scan of a buildings roof. This can highlight any weak points that are allowing heat to escape and water to penetrate.

Being able to spot these problems which are almost invisible to the naked eye can save our customers significantly om future repairs costs.

So when you see a UAV drone flying over a commercial property, warehouse or factory in Scotland, it is highly likely that it is us carrying out a roof survey.

And the beauty of it all is that when we find a problem with a roof, we have just the roofer that we can refer the client too šŸ˜‰