So many of the inaccessible and confined spaces inspection services that we conduct across Scotland and the North of England are time sensitive.  

By this we mean that either they need to be conducted quickly for safety reasons or they need to be conducted quickly to reduce operational downtime for the company in question.  

With our confined spaces drones, we can conduct our indoor inspections in a fraction of the time that it would take a manned inspection crew to conduct. In fact, downtime can be reduced by up to 90% in some circumstances.

Our confined spaces drones only require a single operator on site to conduct the inspection services.  This means you no longer require a specialised inspection team who require scaffolding, rope access equipment, cherry pickers or cranes to simply access the inspection zone.  Using confined spaces drones offers REAL cost savings over these traditional methods of inspection without compromising on quality of service or detail of inspection. In fact, with aerial drones you will find that we can offer a more complete inspection service as we can reach vantage points and angles that are simply not possible with conventional inspection methods – and all in a fraction of the time required.

Our headquarters just outside Glasgow.

Our Elios 2 drone is equipped with HD camera and video equipment so inspection and surveys can be documented and past on to experts to review in real time or for archiving and comparison with previous data.

Indoor aerial drones used for confined inspections offer real advantages, cost savings, time savings and increased safety benefits over traditional inspection methods.

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