Drone surveys are quickly removing the need for working at height when it comes to inspection services.

Across some of the most remote sites in the UK, we have been conducting drone surveys and inspecting DGPS Stations. ‘Differential Global Positioning System’ which is effectively an enhancement to the existing GPS (Global Positioning System) provides an improved accuracy location that are vital for marine navigation. The standard accuracy of GPS is 15 metres while DGPS can reduce this to 1-3 metres.

Utilising specialist electrical magnetic redundant platforms with 30x optical zoom cameras fitted to our commercial grade drones, we can provide a fast, powerful aerial inspection with SIGNIFICANT cost savings compared to traditional methods of at height inspection.

DGPS Drone Surveys across Scotland
Pictures from a drone survey on the Shetland Islands & Butt of Lewis

At Balmore, we are an award winning drone inspection service. From underwater ROV that can provide a vital role in the underwater inspection of power cables for Off Shore Wind Turbines to our Aerial UAV that can take HD video, photography and thermal imaging quickly and accurately.

Thanks to our RIB Boat that can be used in Category 3 waters, we are able to offer a complete ‘difficult access’ inspection and survey service for customers in the Oil & Gas, Wind, Utilities and Infrastructure Sectors.

offshore drone inspection
Our RIB Boat Balmore 16

If you would like to know more about our aerial drone surveys, our underwater inspection services or our ground based inspection, please contact our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4037 or email info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

Glasgow drone surveys
Our head office in Glasgow