Whether it is for roof surveys, building inspection or other visual inspection of structures that are too high for ladder access, scaffolding has been the favourite option for inspection teams across the globe.

But while scaffolding has been popular choice, it is also very expensive. But why?

The cost of scaffolding varies depending on the height, length and difficulty of access required. But whether you require a simple two tier scaffolding structure or a full building wrap around option, it is never cheap.

glasgow drone survey for roof
One of our drone pilots preparing to conduct a roofing and building inspection in Glasgow

The more levels required for scaffolding, the more expensive it will be. And while the size if scaffolding is one cost factor, there is also the time consideration. How long will the scaffolding be up for? If it is for a simple roof repair job, the scaffolding may only be required for a week. But if it is a complex building structure job, it could be up for months – all the while costing you more money.

Is there an alternative to scaffolding?

There is. From access towers to scissor lifts, cherry picker/boom lifts to rope access. But if you are requiring scaffolding simply for the visual inspection of structures then the best solution that is faster, more reliable and far more cost effective than scaffolding is aerial drone surveys.

At Balmore Inspection services, we provide drone surveys as an alternative to scaffolding inspection for:

With the use of drone inspection, we can send our UAV across a roof or stonework structure in mere minutes, taking thousands of photos, video footage and thermal imaging scans from angles and vantage points that are simply impossible any other way.

All of this data is then processed using our award winning cloud based software and can then be readily supplied to engineers, roofing contractors and structural specialists for analyses.

building inspection without scaffolding
We can cover this entire building in one go for thermal imaging scans with no need for scaffolding

By using drone inspection tools rather than scaffolding, we are offering a safer solution that does not require human life to be put in danger working at height. We are offering a faster solution that can be done within an hour (structure size dependent) and one where the amount of data gathered far exceeds what a traditional inspection team would offer. All for a substantially reduced cost compared to scaffolding.

The advantages of drone surveys are obvious and it is understandable why so many in the industry are moving towards drone inspection as a viable and superior service in comparison to traditional inspection methods.

At Balmore, we are one of the leading drone survey contractors in Scotland. From our head office in Glasgow, we provide drone inspection work for clients in Energy, Infrastructure, Utilities and Transportation sectors.

If you would like to know more about our range of services and how drone inspections can benefit your business and cut out the need for scaffolding, please call out head office on 0141 370 4037 or email info@balmore-ltd.co.uk